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17-26 Jan 2025
International Green Week
17-26 Jan 2025

Freeze-dried palate orgasms from the Alps

In the Austria Hall, trade fair visitors can benefit from the flexibility of a Carinthian family business and experience a particularly passionate salesman in action.

Robert Sorger is convinced: "Bite into it, count to three and a palate orgasm will overtake you," promises the Carinthian as he offers trade fair guests small pieces of freeze-dried physalis. Almost exactly three seconds later, numerous "Aas" and "Oos" can indeed be heard in Hall 4.2 at the Holzer Austria stand.

Anyone who has ever bitten into a filled lemon candy knows this sweet surprise effect. However, freeze-dried physalis is a natural product, with no added sugar or other sweeteners. In 2002, the company invested in a freeze-drying plant. At minus 42 degrees, strawberries and raspberries are also shock frozen. Within 24 hours, the water is gently extracted, so all the nutrients are retained. Now the farm from St. Paul can offer the fruits from the soils of the Lavant Valley all year round.

Exotic vegetables, fruits and spices made in Austria

These now include okra and kiwano and, for the past two years, saffron. "The climatic conditions have changed so much that we can now grow exotics," says Sorger. For 35 years, he has worked as a salesman in the family business Holzer Austria, which once specialized in strawberries and has become a garlic innovator under the management of Margit Holzer.

Robert Sorger is particularly fond of black garlic. He and the entire team tinkered for more than five years to imitate the more than 4,000-year-old method from Japan for fermenting the bulb. "It was not at all easy to reconstruct with modern equipment," Sorger reveals. "We were about to give up, but three years ago we finally did it."

Black garlic (also to be found in Hall 21) is currently very popular in the food industry because, unlike white garlic, it does not evaporate through the skin or respiratory tract, but delivers many times more beneficial active ingredients. At Holzer Austria, of course, there is also the "Black Garlic" freeze-dried. Seasoning powder can be made from the solid cubes, alternatively you can also snack on the "Black Garlic Diamonds". "It works wonders when you need an energy booster or just don't feel well," promises Robert Sorger. Let's see if he's right this time, too.

Visitors will find Holzer Austria and other Austrian products in Hall 4.2.

Jars with freeze-dried fruits

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