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Messe Berlin Website
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17-26 Jan 2025
International Green Week
17-26 Jan 2025

Gruezi Berlin

Switzerland combines innovation with tradition at its trade fair appearance. The delicious cheese kebab and a raclette robot are among the highlights here.

The theme of Switzerland's trade fair presence is already rising to the nostrils in the anteroom of Hall 4.2: cheese, cheese and more cheese awaits visitors. Several exhibitors have brought their specialties with them, from varieties for fondue to soft or fresh cheese.

Students from the University of Sierre in Valais are also dedicating themselves to the Swiss national dish. Their "Roboclette" automatically removes the heated cheese from the body. Nicolas Fontaine, CEO and co-founder of Workshop 4.0, developed the device. For him, International Green Week is an opportunity to show how innovation and tradition can be combined. "We don't see the device being used directly in the catering industry, but it shows the possibilities that are inherent in the technology," he says. In the future, robots could take over important tasks in service, providing an answer to the shortage of skilled workers.

Switzerland and Berlin united in the cheese kebab

In keeping with Berlin, guests can sample the "cheebab." Like a kebab, the cheese for the sandwich is cut off a skewer with a semi-hard Swiss cheese, a vegetarian alternative to a kebab with meat, explains project manager Anita Devenoge.

An inviting wine stand shows that Switzerland can do more than just cheese. Growing regions in the Alpine country include Valais, Seeland and the French-speaking areas of western Switzerland.

Chocosuisse, the association of Swiss chocolate manufacturers, will provide information about sustainable cocoa cultivation. Among other things, the companies from the Alpine country support reforestation and education projects. What makes Swiss chocolate so special is the conching process. Heating and stirring for hours makes the chocolate creamy and delicately melting.

Whether cheese or chocolate, the important raw material is Swiss milk. The industry association Swiss Milk invites visitors to push milk cans at the IGW. Those who manage to place the three- to four-kilogram jugs accurately on dotted squares can take home a prize.

Visitors can sample Swiss cheese, wine and chocolate in Hall 4.2.

Man with a raclette robot

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