Veranstalter / Organizers:
Messe Berlin
Datum der Veranstaltung:
17-26 Jan 2025
Internationale Grüne Woche
17-26 Jan 2025

The taste of Germany - Southwest Edition

Bavarian beer, Hessian Äppelwoi and Rhenish Riesling - the exhibitors from the south of Germany will not only be inviting visitors to toast at the International Green Week 2023.

At hardly any other event can visitors experience so much with their senses as at the International Green Week. Freshly ground coffee tickles the noses, sheep, cattle and co. can be heard from the animal hall, colorful flowers delight the eyes in the flower hall and the finest specialties from around the world make the mouth water. But also the German regions present delicacies "made in Germany". Here we show what is presented from the west or beyond the white sausage equator at the IGW.


Bavaria also calls itself the "land of delicacies" and visitors can experience this live in Hall 22b - exhibitors from Bavaria have Allgäu mountain cheese, sausage specialties from the Bavarian straw pig or the finest beers in their luggage. Visitors can stop off at the popular "Entenwirt" beer garden and the Franconian wine lounge. Entertainment will be provided by music and traditional costume groups, and visitors will be able to obtain lasting information at the special area dedicated to fruit trees. It offers a pleasure journey by the variety of domestic apple sorts and the entire product world of regional Streuobstprodukte.

The exhibitors from Bavaria can be found in Hall 22b.


In Hessenhalle 22a, everyone can be a bit Hessian for 10 days - in a cozy apple wine garden, visitors can switch off a bit from the hustle and bustle of the fair and enjoy Äppelwoi, Grie Soß and Handkäse. On stage, talk and cooking shows will provide them with all kinds of information about the state and its people, agriculture in Hessen, food crafts and regional products with the quality and origin mark "Bio aus Hessen", as well as "Geprüfte Qualität - Hessen".

The exhibitors from Hesse can be found in Hall 22a.

North Rhine-Westphalia

"City, country, river" is not only a popular game, but also the motto of NRW Hall 5.2a at the International Green Week. Food alliances and initiatives will be offering regional and high-quality products from North Rhine-Westphalia under this motto. From mountainous pancakes made from regionally produced milk, eggs and flour, savory, fruity or topped with sweet turnip greens, to fruit from the Lower Rhine and ham from the Münsterland, to regional beers from the "Genuss-Handwerker". Young startups from the food industry will meet countrywomen who will bring recipes based on the carrot and report on life and production in the countryside.

The exhibitors from North Rhine-Westphalia can be found in Hall 5.2a.


Rhineland-Palatinate will be presenting itself at IGW 2023 as the number one wine state in Germany. Around two-thirds of all vines in Germany thrive in six growing regions (Rheinhessen, Pfalz, Mosel, Nahe, Ahr and Mittelrhein). Those who love racy Rieslings will find what they are looking for, as will fans of fruity wines. Around eight percent of the winegrowing area is farmed organically. The Rhineland-Palatinate wine lounge offers regional culinary delights to match the wine. In the WeinWerk, wineries and wine merchants present their handcrafted wines and sparkling wines. For those interested in culture, the wine lounge with a virtual wine atlas offers a comprehensive insight into cultural highlights as well as information on tourist destinations.

The exhibitors from Rhineland-Palatinate can be found in Hall 22a.

A woman holds a plate with meat and dumplings, in the back you can see flowers.

Exhibitors from the southern German states provide visitors not only with good beer and wine, but also sweet and savory regional specialties. Photo: Messe Berlin

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