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How to get your balcony and garden ready for spring - 8 tips

The sun is shining, the air is fragrant and the first flowers are poking their heads out of the ground. It's high time to wake up your garden and balcony from hibernation.

With our 8 tips, the spring makeover will be a breeze!

1. spring cleaning: Before you start planting, it's important to clear the balcony or garden of winter debris. Remove dead plants, leaves and weeds, loosen the soil and add fresh mulch. This will optimise the peat content in the soil - the be-all and end-all for new greenery.

2. plant selection: When choosing plants, both personal preferences and the light conditions in the garden or on the balcony play a role. Chrysanthemums, ivy and begonias prefer shade. Sun-loving plants such as geraniums, dahlias and lavender feel at home on a south-facing balcony.

3. plant spring bloomers: Spring flowers such as tulips, daffodils and hyacinths not only bring colour to gardens and containers, but also attract the first insects such as wild bees, butterflies and beetles.

4. hang up nesting aids and insect hotels: Help local wildlife by hanging up nesting aids for birds and insect hotels. This will create new habitats and make an important contribution to sustainability. For more information, read our blog post on bee-friendly gardens.

5. Plant vegetables and herbs: Use the spring to plant vegetables and herbs. Lettuce, radishes, tomatoes, basil or even strawberries are easy to grow on your balcony or in the garden and provide fresh, healthy treats from your own garden.

6. Watering and fertilising: In addition to regular watering - especially on warm days - fertilising is also invaluable. Once a week is recommended to promote the growth of the plants and provide them with the necessary nutrients.

7. ward off pests: Watch out for potential pests such as aphids or slugs and take timely measures to protect the plants. For example, use natural products such as neem oil or place snail protection rings around endangered plants.

8. spruce up garden furniture and decorations: Spring is also the time to clean and maintain garden furniture and decorations. Remove dirt and dust, give wooden surfaces a new coat of paint and add fresh accents with colourful cushions, lanterns or wind chimes.

With these tips, your garden and balcony will be ready for spring in no time and you can enjoy the warm season to the full. So get to work and put your green fingers to work!

Those interested can find more information and inspiration in the Garden, House and Farm theme world on the Grüne Woche website.

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