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Ice cream connects continents

The vegan strawberry ice cream tastes delicious, soft like soft serve and extremely fruity. "The key is to use enough fruit," explains Sari Laasko, quality manager at Finnish ice cream maker Caminito Oy. 25% pure strawberry is included in the ice cream. "When we taste flavors, we always test with our eyes closed," Laasko reveals. "After all, we don't want our customers to have to look at the label to know what they're eating."

Using pure and genuine ingredients is a principle of the ice cream manufacturer Caminito Oy, which is making its debut at the Finnish joint stand at International Green Week this year. The company's philosophy also includes creating connections. The company name is based on the Caminito, an approximately 100-meter-long pedestrian street in the La Boca district of the Argentine capital Buenos Aires, which is a landmark of the city with its colorful facades. Company founder Sergio Adler comes from Argentina. There he met his wife Leena, a Finn, whom he followed to Finland out of love. In 2008, together with Sergio's brother Dario, the two initially founded an ice cream parlor in Kouvola, Finland, which has since become the ice cream company Caminito Oy, bringing together Argentine and Finnish ice cream lovers, as well as different nutritional concepts.

Ice cream for everyone

At the stand of Caminito Oy, which has adopted the name Nordic ice cream for the international market, there are strawberry, vanilla and dulce de leche flavors in all variations: from gluten-free to vegan, to lactose-free and with milk, everything can be found. "Leena and Sergio wanted to create something that would connect people," Sari Laasko tells us. Currently, Nordic ice cream/Caminito Oy is not yet available on the German market. "But we want to change that," Laasko says. At the Green Week, she meets two potential German customers.

Those who want to taste Caminito Oy's flavorful ice cream variations or other Finnish products such as honey with fir tips, Lakritsi or craft beer can do so in Hall 8.2 at Stand 109. Here, interested trade fair visitors will also find a wealth of information on special accommodations and worthwhile regions for a trip to Finland.

Ice cream from Finland.