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17-26 Jan 2025
International Green Week
17-26 Jan 2025

Learning made easy

Communicating information about the body and nutrition is not that easy. The BVE and the BfR are taking a playful approach at the Grüne Woche.

While Karin Bergmann is speaking, a loud bang and a shrill trumpet can be heard again and again. The nutrition expert is talking about the internal, very individual clocks in our bodies and the resulting, appropriate breakfast times. She looks briefly at her microphone. But that's not where the noise is coming from. The noise is coming from the neighbouring stand.

Communicating in a playful way

The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) has set up a few games, including "Hau den Lukas" and "Heißer Draht". Every time the hammer hits the spring-loaded head, it bangs. When the eyelet and the wire touch, the horn follows. The games are a little trick. Let's be honest: who goes to a stand on their own initiative to find out about the risks of caffeine, e-cigarettes or powdered infant formula? The BfR, an organisation of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, tries to playfully draw attention to important topics and convey the information in a simple way.

Coffee as a lure

The Federal Association of the German Food Industry (BVE) and the German Food Association (Lebensmittelverband Deutschland e.V.) have a similar strategy. Various forms of quizzes are offered on four large screens, for example a food challenge, a food quiz or the food trend game. Competition attracts. Food is even more attractive, which is why there is free coffee and milk as well as plant-based yoghurt from alpro. Around 50 people bustle around the stand, and while they queue for their coffee, Karin Bergmann's words reach their ears unobtrusively.

In the Scientific Talk, Karin Bergmann explains what a healthy start to the day can look like. She explains why people are hungry at different times. "It's completely unlikely that everyone in a family of four or five will need something to eat at the same time, and it's actually stupid that the whole daily routine in our society is geared towards children having to be at school at eight o'clock, for example," she says.

Focus on flexibility

Bergmann explains how individual needs can be catered for and why everyone's perception of time is different. Flexibility is the focus at the BVE. Hannah Geupel, nutrition expert at Danone, talks about the flexitarian diet and her endeavours to introduce people to plant-based variations through events such as the Green Week.

The event "Mindful snacking, a practical exercise for everyone" will follow on Monday at 2 p.m. at the BVE stand in Hall 3.2/401. Visitors can find more cookery shows, product tastings and talks in the Green Week app.

Father and daughter on the hot wire

Author:Ninja Priesterjahn

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