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Messe Berlin Website
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17-26 Jan 2025
International Green Week
17-26 Jan 2025

Polish delights evoke memories

The Polish stand in Hall 11.2 delights trade show visitors with pies, bigos and idyllic vacation regions.

A lettering dangles from the hall ceiling. "Poland tastes good", it says. Horst Grafenburger grins when he sees it. He is currently chewing on a pierogi filled with goose meat. After letting each bite of the filled dumpling melt on his tongue with relish, the trade fair visitor from Berlin swallows, grins and says, "That's simply true. Poland tastes good."

At that moment, a loud voice resounds through the aisle: "Yummy!" exclaims a woman carrying a steaming bowl filled with bigos in front of her. "You've got to try this, Horst!" The lady who can stretch the letter "y" in such a sonorous way is Gertrud Grafenberger, Horst's wife. She holds out a full fork to him and says, "Grandma Gretel used to cook this, too."

From Breslau to the Masuria

Grandma Gretel was Horst Grafenberger's stepmother. She came from Poland. Mr. and Mrs. Grafenberger fell in love with the country last year. "Poland is dreamlike," Horst enthuses. "It's so clean and beautiful on the Vistula River." In 2022, they spent their summer vacation in Wroclaw and Krakow. This year, they're touring the Masuria.

Those looking for information about other destinations in Poland will find it at the booth of the National Center for the Promotion of Agriculture. The Krajowy Ośrodek Wsparcia Rolnictwa, or KOWR, supports Polish companies in the agricultural and food sectors in their quest to expand into new markets by organizing business missions and national booths at foreign food fairs.

Silesian gingerbread and handmade ceramics.

There is also a cooking area. Paszteciki are being prepared here. Horst Grafenberger peers curiously around the corner. Shortly after, he holds a small Stettin patty with pork in his hand. On the other side of the aisle, there is beer from the Owl Mountains, Krakow and fish specialties, as well as Silesian peasant bites, Neisser confectionery and Liegnitzer Bombe from the gingerbread bakery. The Szynol Ceramics Studio will provide the artistic component with handmade decorative and utilitarian items.

"Green Week is a must," say Mr. and Mrs. Grafenberger, who spend at least one day each year at the world's largest trade fair for food, agriculture & horticulture.

Those who are also attracted to Polish delights will find them in Hall 11.2.

Sausages at the stand of Poland

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