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Messe Berlin Website
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17-26 Jan 2025
International Green Week
17-26 Jan 2025

Reuse: Here's what's behind the trend

At the Re-Use Superstore at the Green Week, the trend becomes an experience

Reuse instead of throwing away: The Re-Use Superstore in Hall 27 at the International Green Week shows just how much fun sustainable living can be. From January 20 to 29, visitors can not only store for trendy vintage clothing here, but also learn how many places our lives can be made more sustainable.

Re-Use Superstore: reusing can be this creative

"In every Berlin household, there are 244 items that are functional but no longer used," says Wilhelm Unnerstall, project coordinator of the Re-Use Superstore at Green Week. "At the Green Week, we want to show how diverse and creative we can still continue to use supposedly old or defective products. In doing so, the focus at the Re-Use Superstore is on the experience for our guests."

Guests can look forward to many hands-on activities: In the styling workshop, participants will receive tips on which vintage outfit suits them best. At the Repair Café, they can have their broken toaster or vacuum cleaner repaired. At a vending machine, they can pull working used smartphones for a low price or drop off their old frames in the eyeglass collection box for further use.

Select vintage furniture will also be offered. "With the Superstore, we want to show that the second-hand market is an attractive alternative to buying new. We also have an educational mission: we invite school classes and are planning an extensive workshop program," says Wilhelm Unnerstall.

Re-use is more than a trend

Behind the Re-Use Superstore is the initiative "Re-Use-Berlin. Reuse instead of throwing away" by the Berlin Senate Department for the Environment, Mobility, Consumer and Climate Protection. Under this slogan, campaigns and events have been held regularly since 2018 to draw attention to the issue. Those who already have an appetite for used goods before the International Green Week in January can visit the Re-Use Superstore in Berlin's Karstadt on Hermannplatz. Here, "re-use experts" offer their used or upcycled products. The range includes clothing, electronics, furniture, upcycling products and household utensils. There are also regular workshops and lectures on the subject of re-use.

Reuse: Here's what's behind the trend

At the Re-Use Superstore at the Green Week, the trend becomes an experience

Author:Christine Franke

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