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Super fruits from Sri Lanka

For Ranjan T. Hanchapola, the matter is clear: Graviola is the new super fruit. The fruit of the prickly pineapple (looks a bit like a green pineapple without the crown of leaves) actually comes from South America and is widespread in Africa. But it also grows quite wonderfully in the tropical climate of Sri Lanka. The taste of its juice is sweet and reminiscent of lychees or mangoes. "Its leaves can be used to brew a tea that strengthens the immune system," says the entrepreneur. "The extract has proven effective against high blood pressure, among other things."

Hanchapola grows graviola with his Cap Farmers Foundation on plantations in Sri Lanka. It is women from the region who take care of the plants and generate their own income from them. At the International Green Week (IGW), Ranjan T. Hanchapola wants to make the super fruit popular in Germany as well. A trade fair visitor from Ghana is pleased to find "soursop" among several Sri Lankan exhibitors in Hall 18. "Soursop" or "sour sack" is another name of the graviola.

Meat substitute from the tropical tree

The fruits of the jackfruit tree are reminiscent of an armadillo with nubs. They can grow up to one meter long and weigh between 40 and 50 kilograms. Jackfruit is processed as a sweet juice, but also in curries. When unripe, the pulp is particularly good at absorbing the flavor of spicy marinades. When cooked, it retains the fibrous texture reminiscent of lean meat such as chicken.

E-Silk Ventures is taking advantage of this property. The company brought nuggets and burger patties to Green Week that strongly resemble "real" meat in taste and texture. Unlike seitan, jackfruit is gluten-free. The tree fruit contains iron, vitamin C, calcium and is rich in fiber.

The young Nootz team is hoping for distribution partners in Germany. The creamy coconut milk smoothie is made exclusively from natural ingredients. Available in mango, pineapple and papaya flavors, it tastes wonderfully refreshing when shaken well. CEO Dulara De Alwis says, "We can well imagine organic markets or cafés adding Nootz to their range soon." The appreciative comments from guests at Green Week prove him right.

Visitors will discover the exotic fruits and fresh smoothies from Sri Lanka in Hall 18.

A woman is holding products from Sri Lanka in her hands.

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