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Messe Berlin Website
Datum der Veranstaltung:
17-26 Jan 2025
International Green Week
17-26 Jan 2025

The Food Trend Tour at the Green Week

The smell of freshly roasted coffee, the taste of piquant spices and the view of colorful fruits and vegetables: The International Green Week is an experience for all senses.

Duration: one day


  • 1.2 (street food market, spray salt, cake liqueur, insect ice cream)
  • 3.2 (Federal Association of the German Food Industry)
  • 4.2 (truffle jam)
  • 5.2 (curry sausage in a jar, spice for fruit)
  • 8.2 (moose burger)
  • 11.2 (acorn drink)

Recommended entrances: South Entrance

Ticket recommendation: Day ticket

The Food Trend Tour starts directly in Hall 1.2, just behind the South Entrance. Here, visitors can expect the street food market with all the delicacies that the gourmet heart desires - from Hungarian langos to the popular hotdog wrap or Korean lucky fish, the food trucks have everything on offer. Also to be found in Hall 1.2: salt spray from Salzwerk Berlin. This is liquid salt combined with natural ingredients such as garlic, lemon or rosemary-lime. Laumer's Vertrieb offers a different take on cheesecake and Black Forest cake - in bottles as a liqueur. Visitors who like to experiment can order yogurt ice cream with 100% insects from Eiszauberei Events.

From algae to curry sausage

In Hall 3.2, visitors will find the Federal Association of the German Food Industry, which is coming up with all kinds of food trends: Akalfood presents bars, granola or crumbles made from algae grown in Hesse, Happy Coco offers vegan organic milk alternatives based on coconut and oats, and Hevnly presents delicious cake without sugar.

CurryQ has the popular curry sausage in a jar on offer, which visitors will find on the Foodtrend Tour in Hall 5.2. Right next door, Fruping promises that certain something for fruit: a spicy topping so that fruit doesn't always taste the same. The fruit spices are available in the flavors Dark Coconut, Fresh Chili or Sweet Hibiscus.

Those who prefer something heartier will find what they are looking for in Hall 4.2, where Eval Doo will be presenting truffle jam from North Macedonia.

And it's also hearty in Hall 8.2 with the popular moose burger from Christoffer-Robins Mat AB. The company promises a symbol of sustainable cooperation: every bite represents the Swedish forest, beautiful cornfields and vegetable cultivation from sustainable agriculture.

The forest calls with the acorn drink

At the end of the Foodtrend Tour, things will get even more unusual in Hall 11.2 at the Queria stand: the Polish family business is selling acorn drinks. It all started with coffee made from local acorns. But because it has to be boiled for a long time and there is no time for that in the stressful daily routine, there are now acorn drinks, filled directly into bottles. Visitors can taste the natural energy supplier pure, with a hint of ginger, lavender or even mint.

Woman holding burger, close-up burger

From insect ice cream to moose burgers and truffle jam - visitors who like to experiment will get their money's worth at the International Green Week. Photo: Messe Berlin

Author:Luisa Gerlach

Streetfood, World Tour, German Regions, Regional, Organic

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