Veranstalter / Organizers:
Messe Berlin
Datum der Veranstaltung:
17-26 Jan 2025
Internationale Grüne Woche
17-26 Jan 2025

The Green Up Your Life Tour at the Green Week

Sustainability in focus: On the Green Up Your Life tour, visitors learn about regional food, urban gardening, recycling and other inspiration for a more sustainable lifestyle.

Duration: one day


  • 2.2 (Flower Hall)
  • 3.2 (Event Farm)
  • 27 (Green Up Your Life)

Recommended entrances: South Entrance

Ticket recommendation: Day ticket

Nowadays, green is synonymous with a sustainable, health-promoting lifestyle, a conscious approach to food and resources. Transparency, regionality and seasonality, production and processing of food under environmentally friendly, animal-friendly and socially fair conditions are some of the topics that await visitors on the Green Up Your Life tour.

Small helpers, big impact: support for wild bees

The tour begins in the Flower Hall in Hall 2.2, which provides a particularly beautiful and colorful start to the day. Here, visitors learn how important insects are for nutrition: A good 30 percent of our food can only thrive if plants are pollinated - mostly by bees. At booth 215, Pollinature's BeeHome company will be presenting its wild bee houses, which make it easy to contribute to safe and sustainable plant pollination in Germany.

From field to fork: agriculture and nutrition in Hall 3.2

Moving on to Hall 3.2, everything here revolves around food and agriculture. At the Event Farm, visitors can find out what tomorrow's agriculture might look like and what approaches to climate protection agriculture is developing. Here they will meet AgrarScouts. These are real farmers who give an insight into their everyday work. At booth 215, visitors will find the Agora Agrar think tank, which ensures that agricultural and food policies in Germany and the EU are more strongly oriented toward sustainability goals.

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle: Sustainability in hub27

The Green Up Your Life tour then leads to Hall 27, where visitors can learn and experience a lot about sustainability as well as forests and agriculture. At the farmers' market, the German Federal Organic Farming Program offers the opportunity to join the "organic farmers talk" and ask questions. The farmers will provide information about the main topic "bio fürs Klima" (organic for the climate) and present delicious organic products. At the stand of the Agency for Renewable Resources, visitors can see what can be made from renewable raw materials. The ReUse Superstore presents repair cafés, re-up products, secondhand fashion and much more. Workshops and hands-on activities will show young and old how much fun zero waste can be. The young company FairCup will be providing information about the new reusable packaging obligation that is starting this year. At the booth of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, visitors can immerse themselves in various themed areas: Wilderness and Forests, Soils and Peatlands, Rivers and Lakes, Sea, and Urban Nature. For each ecosystem, knowledge about natural climate protection and tips for one's own everyday life will be provided.

Two men, a woman and a child are looking at corn and rapeseed plants at a stand.

The topic of sustainability runs through the Green Week like a green ribbon. Photo: Messe Berlin

Autor*in: Luisa Gerlach

Green Up Your Life, Organic, Regional, Event farm, Flower Hall, Nature & Plants

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