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When the Bavarians celebrate

Soft bird calls chirp from the speakers. A cool breeze floats over the stands in Hall 22, which have been waiting for the first guests early on the morning of the first day of the fair. Suddenly a group scurries through the aisle: women in dirndls with braided pigtails, men in short leather pants, knee socks, on their heads hats with white feathers.

Numerous photographers, various musicians with instruments and even more people in traditional costumes cavort on the beer tent sets of the "Entenwirt". Shortly afterwards, Michaela Kaniber, Bavarian Minister of State for Food, Agriculture and Forestry, takes to the microphone. At eight o'clock sharp on January 20, 2023, she opens the Bayernhalle. "It's the same game every time at the International Green Week," she says. "While they're still screwing away in the halls of the other German states, they're already celebrating in the Bayernhalle."

According to Kaniber, the most frequently spoken phrase at IGW is, "You absolutely have to stop by the Bavarians." She feels the hall is "pure joie de vivre. Each district has its own aura and this diversity is found here," Kaniber says.

Standing between the wine lounge, Allgäu mountain cheese and sausage specialties from the Bavarian straw pig is Erich Biller. He has been a frequent exhibitor at the IGW with his tea and spice stand, but this year he is presenting something new: Biller's Bio Welt with instant soups in various flavors, Pasta Avanti and iced tea made from organic syrup. The new business came about while at Corona, Biller reports. "I came up with it because I like the hot cup, but when you're not 25 anymore, yes, you have to be a little careful about what you ingest." He says the various additives in the fast food dishes irritated him, so the entire family helped taste the Ehenbachtaler specialties.

Also new this year is the "Streuobst" project stand sponsored by the Free State of Bavaria. Old, rare or almost forgotten fruit varieties are to be brought into focus, through the diverse regional scattered fruit products presented at the stand, such as muesli, energy bars, plum chutney, noble brandies or cider. "Many people don't even know what scattered fruit actually is. We want to change that," says Mathias Krönert, specialist consultant in distilling.

Visitors will find the exhibitors from Bavaria in Hall 22b.

Bavarians in traditional outfits.