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Where the honey flows

It is already a remarkable variety of landscapes that little Slovenia has to offer. Miha Markelj of the country's tourism marketing department speaks of high mountains, wine-growing areas, hot springs and Venetian coastal resorts. "This agricultural diversity is also reflected in the culinary products," he says.

Hearty food

Luka Nowak is Slovenia's Masterchef 2022, cooking classics such as langos and Krainer sausages with regional ingredients in Hall 4.2 at Green Week. He serves Slovenian wine to go with them, red from the coast or white from Lower Styria, which is called Slovenska Štajerska in Slovenian. For dessert, apricot dumplings are on the menu.

The similarity to Austrian cuisine is historical. "Slovenia was part of the Habsburg Empire almost continuously until the end of World War I," Miha Markelj explains. "At the same time, culturally, you can also find a lot of Italian influences." At IGW, he meets many people who have chosen Slovenia as their next vacation destination. He helps them plan their trip with maps and brochures.

Sweets with a history

Lucian Perger is at Green Week for the first time. He is the ninth generation to work for the Perger family business. Founded by his ancestors in 1757, it has made a name for itself with sweets made from honey.

Gingerbread, candies and cookies are among its specialties. But the stand also features candles with an intense honey scent created by Slovenian designer Oskar Kogoj. "Our handmade energy candles purify the air and are made by hand from pure beeswax," says Lucian Perger.

Not without pride, he lists which state guests of Slovenia's government have already been gifted with Perger products: The list ranges from Pope John Paul II and His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Donald Trump and his wife Melania. Chess world champion Garri Kasparov was even given a chess set made of gingerbread.

Perger does not keep its own bees, but buys its honey from local beekeepers. There are enough suppliers: Slovenia has the most beekeepers per capita in the world.

Visitors will find sweet treats with a history in Hall 4.2.

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