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Messe Berlin Website
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17-26 Jan 2025
International Green Week
17-26 Jan 2025

Beer, chai and fizzy drinks

Brandenburg is presenting a varied range of beverages at the Grüne Woche. Traditional businesses are just as much a part of it as imaginative start-ups.

It has become a tradition for Dietmar Woidke to wield the baton at Grüne Woche and sing the unofficial state anthem "Märkische Heide" on Brandenburg Day. Beforehand, the head of the state had already tasted his way through Spreewald gherkins, tapped smoked beer, posed with the Brandenburg Harvest Queen and was serenaded by the Finsterwald choir singers.

Those who preferred to watch the scene from the restaurant in Hall 21a on Monday could take a seat in one of the 160 seats in the restaurant of the Alte Ölmühle Wittenberge. "The Grüne Woche is our most important marketing tool," emphasises Managing Director Jan Lange. "80 per cent of our hotel guests come from Berlin. The trade fair is a good opportunity for us to publicise our offer."

Beer to celebrate the city's anniversary

He has brought some samples with him, for example the anniversary beer brewed to mark the 200th anniversary of Wittenberge's founding or the artisan mustard in various flavours such as honey or horseradish. Thanks to the Green Week, it is now also available at Galeria Kaufhof. A shopper here had become aware of the regional speciality.

In 2006, Jan Lange bought the industrial monument in Wittenberge with his father and converted it into a hotel with 61 rooms. A highlight in the truest sense of the word is Germany's highest loft spa with saunas and steam baths on more than 2,000 square metres. Guests can dive into northern Germany's only indoor diving tower. The versatile building is certainly worth a visit.

Lemonade made from coffee husks

Lukas Kunzmann from Frankfurt (Oder) also came up with the idea for his Kara lemonade while travelling. In South America, he learnt about cascara, an infusion made from coffee cherry husks. It has a strong flavour and contains caffeine. "We always have enough apples on our fruit farm, so the idea of mixing the brew with apple juice was an obvious one," says Lukas Kunzmann. The caffeine content of the Kara lemonade he developed is roughly comparable to that of a mate soda. But the founder is not just interested in enjoyment. He wants to set an example against food waste. "In Germany, many apples are not processed because it's not worth picking them up," he says. "Only a small proportion of coffee husks are also processed, and we want to change that."

Mushrooms for your health

The reishi medicinal mushroom is known as the "mushroom of immortality". "It is used in Chinese medicine," says alternative practitioner Viola Schalski. Reishi is also one of the ingredients in Chaikowsky chai syrup. Guests can choose between three different flavours. It makes a revitalising drink when added to hot cow's or plant milk. Chaikowsky is produced by the Werder-based company Kasimir + Liselotte, which is the third generation to grow Demeter-quality medicinal plants. Viola Schalski hopes that caterers will take notice of the Brandenburg innovation and that the healthy chai will soon be on the menu in many cafés.

Man presents a sliced apple and a bottle of juice on a tray

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